Joe Fuoco is a seasoned professional video producer, videographer, and editor with a decade of experience, and is also a RED DIGITAL CINEMA Certified Camera Operator. Up for any challenge, Joe has worked all sides of the business from gaffer to Director, and for many years now has been a “go to” guy for Lorray Digital Video.   
Joe’s specialties lie in camera work and editing, and his passion for the creative process is manifested in every aspect of his work product.
A graduate of Kean University, where Joe earned a Bachelor of English degree. Joe’s technical knowledge and business sense for video production has been proven in projects ranging from studio work to trade shows, commercials, corporate events, medical and training videography, and more. 
With a strong focus in corporate video production, live streaming and artistic performance, Joe has enjoyed working with such notable clients as the National Association of REALTORS, Partners for Sacred Places, Core Productions, and Jill Photography. He has also worked on the NYC broadcast television show "Balance Your Life" as cinematographer, camera operator and editor of season 6.
One of Joe’s greatest assets is his ability to communicate with clients in order to understand their vision, and to help bring that vision to life. He is able to bring his own perspective and creative sensibilities to a project while also working collaboratively in a group of varying ideas, so that the finished product is the best it can be. Joe is well-loved by clients and is a man of integrity, honesty and one with an incredible work ethic.
Shanna’s passion for videography started with her love for music and her desire to share the music she loves with the people around her.  She not only spread the sounds of local underground music through her college radio show, but she also found gratification in filming a plethora of live bands’ performances, and posting them on social forums for all to see and share.
Being behind the camera, documenting bands, only increased her desire to do more “movie making”.
She eventually found herself as a production assistant for an NYC broadcast television show.  After a year with the company, she was promoted to camera operator.  It wasn’t long after that, she purchased her own professional grade camera, and started taking on more projects, both of her own and with other producers.  She’s continued her production work with live band performances and music videos, but has expanded her portfolio to include more work in television, commercials and feature films, as well as live sporting events, entertainment wrestling, corporate events, and special occasions.
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